by Foresterr

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released December 20, 2013

Westfall Recording studio
Recorded by Anthony Lopardo
Mixing/Mastering by Ryan Taylor Hayes



all rights reserved


Foresterr New York

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Track Name: Murder, Spanish Style
I'm tired of having to say it's all going to be okay

Why are you so scared of a little progress?

You are a flower always in bloom, your pedals are red, there's thorns on your stems and you give the illusion of beauty, but when you are picked, your fingers get pricked and you are so quick to complain about this form you've strived so hard to attain.

But when we are in my room
I'd love you like i hate you

Lose those shoes, lose that dress
So i can see the side i like best
No more words, empty head
we will talk with our sweat.
Track Name: Blacksmith's Heart
You Barely knew his name, you fucking fabulist
Subconscious pseudo pain leaks from the surface
Intentions forged from gold, highly skilled in my art
aching to fit the mold, I've got a blacksmith's heart

potvaliancy runs through your veins
the tips of your fingers are black with deceit
my hands are red, my hands are red

lately i've been reviewing the lies as they drip down from your eyes and push their way through the pavement safety enshrouds you like a winter coat oh all the books i could've wrote on how i cut out your tongue, bitch

I heard a pin drop
It made my heart stop
Track Name: Cedar Room
You've got exactly what I need
you've got what i'm looking for
your voice is like a gentle breeze
you've got to give me something more

we've been caught up in this chase
back and forth
can't you see the smile on your face
bite the hook

so i'll just give in. Its not up to me
Because i just can't take the uncertainty
So i'll just give up but i'll call your bluff
Its not up to me. I'm not man enough

Its just a matter of what type of skin
we choose to wrap ourselves in
i can't take this anymore
it just feels so good
Track Name: Depth Charge
Refined from the stages of an ore to make a metal
You have got to learn to slur your words better

Quit harping on a hanging thread
Collecting ashes and counting grains of sand.

You're missing the point when you got to take the good and throw it to the dark.
An object that you can only view from afar.

Silent, thoughtless.
Help me solve this.

Terror, panic
A reflection is authentic
Track Name: Southpaw
My blood turned to sand
You. You're something you hate.
The language we had just didn't translate
Well I can't comprehend a word you have said
because your head is stuck in thoughts of time spent

You. Me. We'll see

Because fate has a tendency
of placing our lives
in front of things that we desperately
want to leave behind
Because love is just about suitable replacements
that's gone, find something to fill that space with

So there is a place that i'm condemned with her
i'm so glad i'm not there
You're vague
and I hate
and thats something I wouldn't do
I'm only capable of it with you