Giraffe Legs

by Foresterr

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Recorded over 3 sessions in January 2013


released February 8, 2013

Townehouse Records
Production and recording - Vinneh Metas



all rights reserved


Foresterr New York

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Track Name: !Pleh
Hold on tight because we're going for a ride!

wrap yourself around me,
I love the way you found me, you're my bottom rib!

So we talk right back, now our hands are free
so now we can tend the wounds still on our knees.

I've fucking waited for you darling,
I'll know you, dear
no matter where you go
I'll always be right here

So eat the salt water and drink the sand
the ties on your shoes go hand over hand
Here, let me show you

Don't be like that, he's not so bad
He just doesn't understand
that i've replaced him in your heart

So eat the salt water and drink the sand
the ties on your shoes go hand over hand
Here, let me show you
Track Name: Attaboy!
With black lungs, and dead eyes.
Test me! Test me!
And one foot in the grave.
Test me! Test me!
Something's wrong, not me.
Something's wrong, not me.
Something's wrong, not me this happens everyday.

Shuffle with the trigger.
Dancing with your feelings!
Try to isolate yourself,
Try to isolate yourself.

Black eye, blind eye
Left eye, right eye
Next time maybe you'll say you'll try!


A desperate attempt!
A cause and effect!
Track Name: The Sweet Release
This Talk we should have had
this is the first step down the right path
and if you ask me down the line
i'm happy how i turned out

Everything that i've ever said
is born a lie inside my head
i'm the ugliest person
i've ever met

And all the words i'm searching for
Just a good, hard punch to the gut
I'll put it back together
So stop right there

I can't hold back
My ribs will crack
you're on the floor
I won't hold back

I've been counting all your weak spots
and they're mainly in your veins
kick the black hole that consumes you
i can't see a fucking change
we shown you all their numbers
and put you in your place
and if you lie right through your teeth
don't expect a fucking break.